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Back to School - Linky Party - Best TPT products ever!!!

Hello and welcome to my first BACK TO SCHOOL linky party!!! you can find great products and classroom resources paid or for free!!!

Here is a list of two of my NEW products related to the ALPHABET:

Alphabet Printables - English Set - Download the Preview to Get the Aa Set

This set of printables contains 26 worksheets to practise each letter of the alphabet. 

This is the list of activities:

1. COLOR IF IT STARTS WITH X: in this activity studentsmust read the three words provided and color just the two pictures that belong to the corresponding letter. 

2. JOIN THE DOTS: Students join the dots to form the letter provided.

3. WRITE THE LETTER: Students have three squares to write the letter provided.

4. TRACE THE LETTERS: students have to trace the letters provided. I suggest tracing lowercase letters in a color and uppercase in other color.

5. COLOR THE LETTER:Students have to color the letter with the color they wish.

6. CIRCLE AND COLOR THE PICTURES THAT START WITH – X: Students have to look at the six pictures provided but only four of them belong to the letter. They have to color those pictures.
You can use these printables as literacy centers, homework, fast finishers or any other use you would like to.

I have added Whimsy cliparts which I think they are great for little kids.

Download the preview to get Aa Set!!!

Who does not like a poster with pictures and words related to the alphabet? 

Well, this is a set of two posters to give to your students!!!

Enjoy this set!!!


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