lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

Ready to Weekly Linky Party - October 24th/30th

How to implement Spanish Stories into the classroom?

 Learning Spanish through stories is a great way to motivate your students. I will show you how to use “LECTURA FACIL DE COMPRENSION LECTORA EN ESPAÑOL”. I provide a wide range of stories for the whole school year, even for summer vacation.

Firstly, teacher distributes the story to be read. Then, students have to write their names and start reading the short story. They can read it once, twice or three times depending on the level in order to evaluate fluency.

After reading, students have to answer 5 direct questions related to the story in order to check comprehension.

After answering the questions, students have to highlight all the nouns and adjectives that appear in the story. To compare nouns and adjectives students circle just the adjectives using any color.

Finally, students read the story for the last time and circle all the verbs.

If you want to know more watch this video

If you are interested in my Spanish Stories, please follow this link

lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016

New Freebie in Ready to Teach English and Spanish Store: Halloween Free Word Work Mini-Set for Little Kids

This is a FREE set of printables to practice words related to Halloween. Students have to read a Halloween word looking at a picture related to it. Then, they have to trace the word in upper and lower case letters. They also have to trace a sentence and read it to their partner and they finally have to order the letters of the word given. As complementary tasks, kids have to color the picture and the word of the title. This set can be used as centers and during the warm up, body or the last minutes of a lesson during Halloween previous weeks. The pintables are easy to use and a motivational resource for the class. Words in this set: bat – cat - witch.


domingo, 9 de octubre de 2016

TpT $25 Gift Card Giveaway from Ready to Teach English and Spanish

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What makes a good teacher?

This is a short but complex question that a teacher should ask herself when teaching. The idea of learning by doing allows students to experience the content of learning. Is this your teaching philosophy? Do you think you are a good teacher? There are many characteristics, techniques, etc, that make for a good teacher, but they may be as varied as the teachers themselves. However, there are certain qualities and practices which contribute immensely to becoming a better teacher. Take some minutes to read the following list to help you reflect on yourself as a teacher as well as your practice:

  • A good teacher loves teaching.
  • A good teacher understands that some days the most important things may not be academic.
  • A good teacher must be “competent” and have a command of the contents to be taught.
  • A good teacher sets high expectations for their students and holds the students to those expectations.
  • A good teacher has a sense of humour and is able to use humour as part of their teaching practice, so that the ice breaks and students learn in a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • A good teacher not only motivates students to learn, but also teaches them HOW to learn, in a manner that is relevant, meaningful and memorable.
  • A good teacher always remembers that each student and class is different, and realizes that they are the conductors and the class are the orchestra. All the students play different instruments and at varying degrees of proficiency.
  • A good teacher firmly supports the idea that teaching is about being human, respectful and professional at all times.
  • A good teacher is flexible and creative; a good teacher “takes risks” and is able to deviate from the course syllabus easily when there is more and better learning elsewhere.
  • A good teacher has “common sense” and has the confidence to react and adjust to changing circumstances.
  • A good teacher reflects on their own work.
  • At the end of the day a good teacher experiences pleasure and intrinsic rewards.

Moreover, remember that you don´t learn to teach only by getting a degree and becoming certified. You learn to teach in much the same way you learn to drive, by driving. You learn to teach by teaching, making mistakes, learning from them and improving.
And most importantly, teach because you want to. A good teacher couldn´t imagine doing anything else!

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

Hispanic Heritage Month - Bundle - Worksheets and Readings (Bilingual)

This bundle set of worksheets and reading comprehension are related to the Hispanic Heritage Month with special versions of:











In every set, you will find the following activities:

1. A reading text (short biography) of the leader.

2. Reading comprehension questions sheet.

3. Write facts sheet.

4. A bubble map to write words related to the leader.

5. A KWL chart.

6. Facts square chart.

7. An interactive activity.

8. A Venn diagram to compare and contrast with another Hispanic leader.

9. A poster of the leader in color.

You can use these sheets for Social Studies centers, classwork or homework.


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