lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

How to implement Spanish Stories into the classroom?

 Learning Spanish through stories is a great way to motivate your students. I will show you how to use “LECTURA FACIL DE COMPRENSION LECTORA EN ESPAÑOL”. I provide a wide range of stories for the whole school year, even for summer vacation.

Firstly, teacher distributes the story to be read. Then, students have to write their names and start reading the short story. They can read it once, twice or three times depending on the level in order to evaluate fluency.

After reading, students have to answer 5 direct questions related to the story in order to check comprehension.

After answering the questions, students have to highlight all the nouns and adjectives that appear in the story. To compare nouns and adjectives students circle just the adjectives using any color.

Finally, students read the story for the last time and circle all the verbs.

If you want to know more watch this video

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